Monday, March 16, 2015

Steam Crave RDA Review

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Friends Don't Let Friends Buy Clones (When Authentics are Affordable)

Today I found out that there is a Group Buy on Facebook for a low-grade rip-off of our Authentic Zephyr Buddha RDA.  I call it a rip-off and not a clone because from the pictures I've seen, the deck is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!  Two different kinds of screws heads, cheaply made with low-grade construction.  Just a disaster waiting to happen.  It's not even close to the real thing.

But I get the appeal.  When I first started vaping, I bought clones (because I didnt know better and I didint want to pay a lot of money). My first mod was a Hcigar Nemesis clone.  It was good quality and it still in great shape all these years later.  But what this guy is buying and selling is not good at all.  People are going to be very upset when they get it.  Just remember, you dont have to buy the most expensive products, but you do get what you pay for.

I know I cant stop these products from entering the market.  If people werent buying them, they wouldnt be here in the first place.  I also know that everyone wants something for less, so I've decided to help steer people away from making a mistake by buying a cheap clone and make it even more affordable to get an Authentic Zephyr Buddha RDA.

So, here's what I am going to do:

First, I am lowering my wholesale price to retailers with the hopes that I can convince them to also drop their price on these products to the consumer.  The days of $90+ RDAs is over and I feel that the $60-70 retail price point for a 28.5mm high-quality RDA is a tremendous value and I hope you agree.  I know this still doesnt compare to a $20 wanna-be clone, but hopefully this will make them more affordable for people to get one authentic RDA that they will love, instead of breaking 3 cheap rip-offs or being completely unsatisfied with their purchase.  My goal is to sacrifice my bottom line to prevent artificial inflation and make sure that these products continue to fall within the affordable authentic niche.

Second, to anyone that is currently in a group-buy or considering buying a clone of our products, if they pull their names out of that list and say NO to clones of Vaperz Cloud products, I will sell them a REAL DEAL Authentic Zephyr Buddha RDA for $54.99 ($5 UNDER MSRP) with free shipping!  Simply contact me and let me know you say NO to clones.

Lastly, I am working closely with the manufacturer to produce in much larger quantities so on all future products, our MSRP and wholesale prices keep at a price point where it doesnt make sense to buy a clone of these products.  We would much rather our customers buy authentic products from brick and mortars than support cheap chinese manufacturing.

We have always prided ourselves in producing and distributing affordable authentic products.  We realize that as we've grown quickly over the last 6 months, our prices have also grown.  We are working harder than ever now to bring these back down so that anyone who wants a true authentic device, whether it be an RDA, Box Mod, or one of the newest innovations we have coming out this year, that you can do so at a price that wont break the bank.  We want there to be tremendous value in our products and even though we cant stop people from buying clones, we can make it affordable for people to have nicer vaping products.

Thanks for everyone's continued support.

Eric "Zootie" Sutton