Friday, July 22, 2016

First Look: Review of Vaperz Cloud VCST Cloud-Chasing Tank (RBTA)


I finally got my hands on the Vaperz Cloud VCST tank.  You would think that being their first distributor and having a significant roll in putting them on the map, that I would get a prototype or at least 1st run of their products, but I guess I don't have that kind of hook up anymore, so here I am reviewing their newest tank after their second run.

I really wanted to have a great experience with this one.  Their last VCMT was horrible at wicking.  It was obscenely large (30mm), but when I first saw Matt Cooper's prototype of the VCST, I told him I wanted one.

Anyway, enough of the history/drama, let's get to the review:

You'll get leaking from the AFC when top filling (not for sloppy drippers). When in a rush or needing to do a fill in the run, you better have a syringe or unicorn bottle. Or a convenient vape rag. 

Gets hot depending on build.  I was running a .35 ohm build and the metal part around the mouthpiece can get hot to the lips.

Wicking is tight. There isn't much cotton room around the air flow channels, so you need needle-nose tweezers to really get it jammed down to the deck.

AJC (adjustable juice control) is tough to turn if not wicked properly.  Once you get your technique down, this gets better.

Wide open bore. THIS IS A BEAST!  It's an RDA for clouds with big airflow with the added feature of having juice in a glass tank around it.

Be ready to spend $$ in juice (or make your own). This bastard MURDERS juice

For a wide boar RDTA, it has great flavor.  Perhaps one of the best flavor tanks on the market that can chuck brah.

The AFC ring is janky. It needs to be improved, maybe take a page from Sense or Uwell.

Save the vape band (although I appreciate the support hr2058) and add a smaller 510 adapter for tighter draws. This will help save on juice too.

The fill hole, as I mentioned before, can get sloppy to fill if you don't have a unicorn or syringe. It really needs a better top fill option. Another opportunity to borrow features from Uwell or Joyetech Cuboid Pro design where a small section of the topcap screws off and allows for true top fill.
The posts are big and can accommodate any build, but the diameter of the build area is small and requires the coils to be really close to the posts if you build on a 3mm or larger diameter.  

Huge applause for making the grub screws buttery smooth.

At the end of the day, Vaperz Clouds has done what they always do:  Take someone else's design and improve on it.  It's the same exact deck as the tsunami, which is the same design as Kennedy RDA.

Final thoughts?  I consider the VCST a great tank. With August 8th around the corner, I don't expect a version2, and that's a damn shame because it has innovative potential and very good execution.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The VapeMaester by Zootie - Vape Traveling Simplified

VapeMaester by Zootie

Estimated MSRP: $79.99

Inspired by and created for Vape Enthusiasts, The VapeMaester is a fully functional, urban vape gear storage and transportation solution. The VapeMaester is specifically designed for vapers on the go with dedicated pockets to hold everything with convenient and easy to access placement.


  • Convenient Sling-Style Messenger Bag
  • Custom pockets and a weave of elastic to organize and transport any type of vaping hardware, tools and accessories.
  • Dedicated compartments for business cards, e-liquid bottles, mods, tubes, pens and batteries
  • Elastic straps for carbeaners and a utility pocket large enough to fit oversize smartphone
  • Durable and easy to clean water-resistant material
  • 2 x 4 inch velcro panel for patches and customization

Now you can carry all of your devices, e-liquids and vaping accessories in an ergonomic and fashionable way.

For Pre-Order Inquiries, please complete the no-obligations form below and we will contact you when the bag is ready to go into production.  Only 1000 will be made in the first batch.  Deposits will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Sign up here: