Monday, February 23, 2015

Important Hammer of God Box Mod Information

I wanted to personally thank you if you purchased a Hammer of God box mod by Vaperz Cloud.  We are really happy with how it turned out and so far everyone has had nothing but great things to say about it.  Since this was the very first run of these box mods, we are aware that there may be some minor kinks that need to be worked out.  Just like the Buddha RDAs, we plan on making improvements and tweaks with future runs, so your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

As these boxes are now getting in hands and being put through its paces, we wanted to let you know of a few minor issues that have been reported to us.  These are not wide-spread issues, but we wanted you to be aware so you can pre-check your mods and possibly troubleshoot if you’re experiencing similar issues.

  1. We have noticed that some of the magnets that hold the panels on may fall out and need a little lock-tight.  This doesn’t affect use at all, but if you lose or are missing any magnets, please let us know and we will get you some replacements right away.
  2. A couple of people have reported a "rattling" sound in the upper chamber.  This has been due to a loose piece of glue and can simply be extracted by removing the black panel on the inside of the device. Again, not a major flaw, just remove the piece of glue and no more rattle.
  3. We've also seen that some of the LED displays are not working (or stop working).  What we've found is that the nut on the inside of the 510 connection is loose and when someone screws on or off the atty, the entire 510 connection will spin, disconnecting the wires that is soldered to the bottom of the 510.  We have also heard of this happening if you tighten your atty down too much.  The box mod will still continue to function properly, but these wires powers the LED.  It's a simple fix but if you are not comfortable soldering a wire, I ask that you contact me right away so we can take care of it for you.  If you send it back to me, we will fix it for you and return it ASAP at no cost.
  4.  It has also come to our attention that a few people have experienced some battery sparking/flame issues with their Hammer of God box mods.  We have found that this happens when the edge of the top contact plate snags the edge of battery.  Please be careful when inserting your batteries - this should not be a major issue if you use caution and insert them correctly (positive in first).
  5. We discovered a design flaw that we will fix in the next round.  If you screw your adjustable 510 all the way to the left (down), it extends too long and touches the firing switch.  This is important to note because it could cause auto-firing.  If you experience this, check your 510 - otherwise call us and we will set up a return so we can fix it for you.
These are issues we've seen and  while it's only on a few of them, we want you to know that if you bought one and its not functioning properly, to please contact us ASAP so we can fix them.

While these have been isolated instances, we also feel it's important to pass along some important safety information to everyone, so you can continue to enjoy your Hammer of God box mod without any safety issues.

Important Safety Information

  • Always use reliable, authentic, fully charged batteries in your device. 
  • Replace all four batteries before the voltage without an atty attached displays 3.65v
  • Always use the same brand and type of battery.  Don’t mix and match.
  • Always insert the batteries into the device POSITIVE first.  You may experience a spark if you insert the negative first
  • When not in use for long periods of time, remove the batteries from your Hammer of God box mod
  • If you notice any flames or sparks, remove the batteries immediately and dispose of them properly

Please keep in mind that with all unregulated vaping devices, there are some risks involved.  By purchasing and using any of Vaperz Cloud products, you are assuming these risks and release Vaperz Cloud and Zootie's Vapors of all liability from any damage or injury caused directly or indirectly by using these products.

7/3/15 - UPDATE
It has been brought to my attention that there is now a clone of this box selling on FastTech.  Please use caution when buying clones.  This device has been discontinued and is no longer in production.  Less than 1000 were made and there is a registry for authentic owners.  As for any warranty repairs/issues regarding the authentic version, please contact Vaperz Cloud directly.

2/8/16 - UPDATE
I am no longer distributing or affiliated with the company that manufactured the original device, so if you have any questions or need warranty support, please contact them directly at


  1. My husband spoke with you about a month ago it is taking me this long to try and send this box back to you and get it fixed he tried and he failed someone told him to send it back and they would fix it I just need an address to send it to please and thank you

    1. I am not the manufacturer of this device. At the time of writing this article, I was a distributor. I no longer have any affiliation with them, so you need to contact Vaperz Cloud directly.

  2. My box mod sparked when I got the batterys in. U got the right batterys and put in the box the right way.the trigger was stuck on and for some reason sparks came out and now its circuit Bord is shot. Any one know where to get another one? Please

    1. Please reach out to the manufacturer, Vaperz Cloud directly.

  3. Where might I find this owners registry as I have just purchased an authentic HOG from an associate and would like to register.

    1. You can try to reach out to Vaperz Cloud directly.

  4. I need a replacement bottom tray for the new Hammer Of God V3 which l purchased yesterday. I was confused about which way the four batteries had to be inserted as there were matching + and - symbols at the bottom and the top but without an indication as to which way up the batteries should be! Insertion caused the device to almost exploded with sparks and smoke coming out of it! The catch lock was too fidgety and difficult to remove whilst that was going on. 3 new rwchargeable batteries got melted and one scorched; making them unusable. The bottom tray melted both the plastic backing as well as burning through the metal contact part. So now l need a replacement bottom tray. Can you help?

  5. Update: Tuesday 18th July 2017 at 8.20pm. * l bought 2 Hammers Of God Box Mods at great expense and both had their share of faults. Neither is now working. I shall never buy HOG's again! Pure waste of money for a nice looking device riddled with faults and now defunct. Both require taking apart to fix these issues but as l am not qualified to do that they are now standing idle and useless on a shelf

    1. I am no longer associated with the manufacturer because of these reasons. I suggest reaching out directly to them as we have not been partners for over 2 years now. Please contact Vaperz Cloud directly for any and all manufacturing issues.