Thursday, January 22, 2015

E-Cigs Vapor More Dangerous Than Tobacco Smoke!!?

The big thing in the news today is how e-cig vapor is more dangerous than cigarette smoking.  I have to say, I was intrigued and stayed on NBC4 this morning to find out why.

The report referenced definitive study results that found voltage 5.0 and greater, resulted in a significant increase in formaldehyde production, that far exceeded that of cigarette smoke.

What they fail to mention is that unless you are vaping on a series-circuit build box mod that is pushing more than 5 volts or a regulated device that is pushing the normal limits of the clearamizer in the study (CE5), there is NO significant detection of formaldehyde.

So the test that they were running is considered the most extreme form of vaping - overkill if you will. You can still generate room-fogging vapor at much less voltage.  Take for example, a parallel build quad battery box mod like the HAMMER OF GOD while it still only produces 4.20 v at its most fully charged without any ohm resistance, still is capable of producing incredible clouds.  Well below that of any concern of this particular study.  So really the only thing it does is improve battery life. (more amperage)

I don't disagree that there is much more research that needs to be done on this topic and thorough testing of the impact of inhaling vapor, but the truth is, vaping is so much better for you than cigarette smoking.  I don't need to convince you, chances are if you are reading this, you already found the benefits of vaping.

UPDATE: 1/24/15
I found this YouTube video by Suck My Mod to be informative:

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