Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kanger Subtank Review

Kanger Subtank Review

Normally I do video reviews but today I wanted to write about a new product I recently purchased.  It's the Kangertech Subtank.

I have been looking for a reliable tank that I could build my own coils.  There just werent too many options in this space.  Until I found this one.  I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that I could use their rebuildable atomizer (RBA) or a pre-built replaceable atomizers that they call OCC (Organic Cotton Coil).

At first, I had a problem with what they call their RBA not firing.  It was being recognized by my ohm tester, but I couldnt get it to fire on my ipv mini or my stainless nemesis mechanical mod.  So I switched to their OCC.

For most of the first tank of juice, it was fine.  Good flavor, nice draw; good vapor production, but during the second tank fill, I found that every other draw I took, I was getting burnt taste.  I had to constantly prime the atomizer and I was afraid that this tank would be just like all the rest of the ones I've tried in the past.  I was ready to just go back to my drippers, when I decided to swap out the OCC for the RBA.  After some fidgeting, I was able to get the RBA to fire.  I wicked it, added some juice and I was vaping away.

I am really impressed with this RBA.  Not only can I get close to 5ml of juice but I have not had a single dry or burnt hit.  The flavor is amazing, the vapor production is sufficient and I have not had a single leak or drip of juice outside of the tank.

have now been using it for a week or so and it has quickly replaced my dripper as my all-day vape.  I still use a dripper when i want to try different juices or if I'm just sitting around the shop, but for travel and locations where I dont want to be constantly dripping, this RBA totally fits the bill for me.

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