Sunday, January 18, 2015

Silver Lining Vape e-Liquid Review

Today I received some vape mail from a company called Silver Lining Vape based out of North Carolina.  They were kind enough to send me a couple 10ml of their e-liquid.  They sent me Honeydew Melon and Cherry Lust in 6mg nic.  I prefer to drip lower nic levels (0-6mg) because I am now completely off cigarettes and I am trying to cut back on my nicotine levels next.

I enjoy receiving e-liquid samples because you can never have enough juice and there are so many companies making their own house juice that I'm always pleasantly surprised with the difference in flavors available.

For my tasting, I decided to use the Zephyr Buddha RDA ( and a copper 26650 4nine mechanical mod.  I have a .26 ohm build with 22 gauge kanthal.  I used fresh Japanese cotton so I could get the true taste of each flavor.

I started with the honeydew melon flavor and the first thing I noticed was it was not a viscous liquid, meaning it was probably equal parts PG (propyl glycerin) and VG (vegetable glycerin).  Personally I prefer higher VG because I like more vapor production and less throat hit, but having a higher PG will give it more flavor.

My initial thoughts were it was a bit of a harsher hit for me on my setup.  Like I said, I like heavier VG for big lung pulls and large plumes.  This had a decent flavor, but was on par with other standard juices I have tried.  After a couple more drags, my lungs got more used to the blend, and I was able to take deeper draws and enjoy the flavor a bit more.  Overall, I thought the flavor was about average and I would give it a 5.5-6 out of 10.

I moved on to the next flavor, cherry lust.  Going into this one, I had the bad thoughts of other cherry flavors in my mind.  Buckshot Cherry Bomb in particular.  Cherry is a hard flavor for me to be a fan of because it can easily taste like cough syrup. I was hoping this one would be different.

The first thing I noticed was this flavor was a bit more viscous, a little thicker than the last one.  The smell from the bottle reminded me of a Luden's Cough Drop and the flavor was very similar to the smell.  Again, it was a harsher throat hit than I personally go for.  The cherry flavor wasnt overpowering like Buckshot, and it had a bit more of a creamy finish.  Again, I would rate it a 5.5-6 out of 10.

Neither flavor was entirely bad.  It fell in the mid-range as far as overall satisfaction for me.  Both flavors mellowed out as the wick started to dry out and the lingering flavor was decent.  I wish I had a tank or a clearomizer to try them out because I find some juices just taste better in a tank while others taste better in a dripper.

I think for a house juice blend, they were fine, but for me, I have tried so many premium e-liquids over the years that there are far too many that I would reach for before these.  That's not to say they arent worth the price, because everyone has their own preferences and tastes.  For me, they didnt quite hit the mark right off the bat, but I will definitely let them steep a week or two and see if the flavor profiles change.  I also want to try them in a tank to see if my opinion changes in a different setup, perhaps with a higher ohm coil.  I'd also be curious to see how their other flavors stack up.

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